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cPanel allows domain owners to manage and monitor their web site. This easy to use interface is packed full of useful features. Inside cPanel, domain owners can control their web site to a degree which was never before possible. cPanel gives domain owners a flexibility beyond that of the competition.

The use of cPanel allows domain owners to perform tasks that would normally not be possible. Domain owners can create email accounts, password protect directories, upload files, install software, and more. All without using the command line!

Why cPanel?
More Features for Your Hosting Plans.
cPanel provides your customers with almost unlimited features so that you can tailor hosting plans to your specific customer needs.

Less Overhead
cPanel gives your customers the ability to update their contact information, passwords, backup their site, setup subdomains, view their error logs, and more, you no longer need to perform these tasks for them. This reduction in overhead allows your support staff and system administrators to focus on providing the best possible hosting experience for your customers.

You can customize cPanel to not only add your company banners but to provide only the specific features you wish to offer to your customers. This allows you to offer many different hosting plans with the same software. You can easily transition customers from one hosting plan to another without any downtime.

Ease of Use
cPanel is so easy to use that any customer can pick up the software and start working on their site instantly. Everything they need is only a few clicks away. With tool tips for every function, customers will have a hard time getting lost!

Keeps Your Customers Aware
Domain owners can see exactly how much disk space, bandwidth, sql resources, email resources, and domain resources they have used. Not only will they not have to ask you how much of their plan they are using, they will be able to see when they need more resources allowing them to up-sell theirselves. You can also use the WHM News function to send out messages to the domain owners on a server, such as scheduled downtime alerts or security concerns.

Unmatched Software Support
cPanel's cPAddons system allows you to provide your customers with any applications they need. You can easily install even the most obscure web applications that your customers request. The same system allows you to provide your custom applications to all of your customers with ease!

Multi-language Support
cPanel allows you to use any language you want for your customers. Choose from many available languages, or create your own language file to meet your specific needs.

Built-in Security
Users are confined to their own domain space and limited to accessing functions that only affect their own account. With the ability to control the features domain owners have access to and limit software installations and shell access, you're in full control of user and domain security.

cPanel can allow your customers to do all of the following and more:
General Features:
Show/Hide all features
Move features around with ease (New)
Flexible information sorting (New)
Content relevant help built in (New)

Domain Management:
Manage Subdomains
Manage Parked Domains
Manage Addon Domains
Redirect URLs

Email Management:
Add Email Accounts
Remove Email Accounts
Set Disk Space Quotas for Email Accounts
Virus Scanning
Spam Prevention with SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper
Read mail through Webmail Interface
Manage Mailing Lists
Manage Email Forwarders
Create Autoresponders
Email Domain Forwarding
An interface is available for accounts only needing mail

Site Management:
Manage FTP Accounts
Allow Anonymous FTP Access
Control FTP Sessions
Publish to your site using FrontPage™
Web Disk access to Files (New)
Manage your Site's Files
Backup your Site
Use Custom Error Pages
Create Custom MIME Types and Apache Handlers
SSH / Shell Access without external software
Create and Edit CronJobs

Block IP Addresses from Accessing your Site
Clam AV Antivirus (free addon)
Password Protect Directories
Prevent Image HotLinking
Prevent Bandwidth Leeching
Manage Directory Indexing
Public Key Authentication for SSH (New)
Install SSL Certificates

View Raw Access Logs for your Site
View Disk Usage
View Bandwidth Usage
View Web Traffic Statistics
View Subdomain Statistics
View your Site's Error Log
See the Latest Visitors to your Site

Database and Development Tools Support:
MySQL and phpMyAdmin
PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin
Tomcat (Installer)
Mod_Mono (Installer)

Interface Modification:
Multiple Themes Available
Multiple Looks Available for Each Theme (New)
Custom and Third Party Theme Integration

Features to add to your Site:
Shopping Carts
Image Gallery
Content Management Systems
Publishing Software
FormMail Clone
Chat Rooms
FAQ System
Support System
Add unlimited more features using cPAddons!!
Reseller Features
Fast Account Switching (New)
Interface Branding

Game Servers*:
Savage: Battle for Newerth™
Unreal Tournament 2004™
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory™
Half Life™
Half Life2™
Call of Duty™
Battlefield 1942™
Battlefield Vietnam™
Battlefield 2™
Soldier of Fortune II™
America's Army™

* Requires cPanel GS (cPGS) and a dedicated server from us.


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