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Digidotz Clients Acquired by Sprintserve.net


What has happened to Digidotz.com site? Has it been hacked!?

No. Sprintserve.net has taken over all the clients of Digidotz with immediate effect. We will take over the responsibilities of serving and supporting the clients.

I noticed that Sprintserve.net cost more. Does that mean our charges are going to increase?

No. Sprintserve.net will honor all existing prices that you enjoyed at Digidotz for life as long as you continue to stay on with our service.

Should you terminate the plan, and sign up again at a later time, you would have to sign up at Sprintserve.net prevailing prices at the point of sign up.

Should you need to upgrade to a higher plan, we will honor all Digidotz plans.

Is Sprintserve.net network any good?

In order to ensure the least disruption, we have acquired new servers at the same datacenter that Digidotz is located at. As such, there is no change of the network or datacenter where your account is being hosted.

What about the servers?

Sprintserve.net just completed an upgrade of all the servers to Dual Hexcore Xeon E5645, with RAID redundancy 15,0000RPM SAS hard drives and 24GB DDR RAM. This forms the basis of our servers that we use for our acquired Digidotz clients.

Great. Does it mean we are not going to be getting any support?

Absolutely not. Sprintserve.net will service you just like any other clients that we have. We currently provide support on the following mediums: Instant Messengers, Help Tickets, Email, Live chat, and Forums.

More details can be found at: http://www.sprintserve.net/support.php

Where’s our beloved Gerner?

This is a message from Gerner:

” After a few weeks of hard work we have finally completely the account migrations to new Dual Xeon Westmere machines. I hope that you are enjoying the new-found server speed and reliability and also enjoying the support from the new team.

As I mentioned before, Digidotz was sold due to various reasons. The main focus of Digidotz has been design solutions and this is the direction that earns most of our energy. And the Digidotz clients and servers simply weren't getting the attention they deserved and I wrangled over the situation for several months before coming to a decision.

Digidotz has maintained a close professional relationship with a well-known host in the cPanel world called SprintServe owned by good friend CM Ho for many years. We have worked on past projects together and we continue to work together on other projects and after a few weeks of negotiations I agreed to let SprintServe acquire Digidotz as a complete entity.

SprintServe is a Singapore based hosting company with support teams around the world much like Digidotz. They have actually been both our server and support provider for many years, and they have been in the industry for 10 years.

Please be reassurred that I would not let just any company take over the reins at Digidotz. In the end it was a simple choice for me as there was no-one that I trust more to look after our clients - SprintServe. Also the fact that we continue to work together means that I can still take an active role at Digidotz and my door remains open to you all forever. If you ever need to contact me, I will always be at your disposal to assist in any way I can.

In closing, I'd like to express my gratitude at being able to service your hosting needs over these past few years. I wish you all the best and as some of you also have webdesign services with me our paths will surely cross again. ”

I still want to talk to Gerner!

Gerner has kindly consented to continue to answer your questions you have regarding this deal or to support you during this transition period. He can be found at webmaster@digidotz.com.

If I have further questions, where do I go?

You can contact us via any of the support mediums listed on our website at http://www.sprintserve.net/support.php


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